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Journey of Healing: 10 Best Tarot Card Readers of 2024

Published on Midday, Mar 11

1. Arya Roy- Meet Aryya Roy, India's pioneering Kabbalah Healing Expert, whose extraordinary talents in tarot reading and healing have touched countless lives. From a young age, Aryya was drawn to the mystical realm, experiencing vivid visions of the past and future in her dreams. Motivated by a deep desire to assist others, she embarked on a journey of learning and practice, becoming a trusted tarot card reader.

Aryya's dedication to healing led her to prestigious institutions like the Academy of Tarot International, where she earned certifications as an Angel Card Reader and Egyptian Card Reader. But her thirst for knowledge knew no bounds. She pursued further education, obtaining an associate degree from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and becoming a certified Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki Master from ICRT USA.

As India's first Kabbalah Healing Expert, Aryya's commitment to spiritual growth and wisdom is unparalleled. With over 15 years of experience, she has earned numerous accolades, including the National Glory Award and the National Achievers Award for Best Tarot Reader. Aryya has also been honored with the Women Excellence Award from Success Today for her contributions to the field.

But Aryya's expertise extends beyond tarot reading. Specializing in crystal Reiki, she has helped countless individuals navigate love and relationship challenges with compassion and empathy. Her unique approach has earned her recognition, including the Excellence Award from Griha Saheli Magazine and the Shining Star India Award.

2. Kotamraju Narayana Rao- Born into a renowned Andhra Brahmin family, was introduced to astrology by his late mother, Srimati K. Saraswathi Devi, at age twelve. He considers her the finest astrologer and her influence inspired his lifelong pursuit of astrological knowledge. Rao diligently amassed a vast collection of hundreds of horoscopes, making it one of the most extensive in the field. Throughout his career, he has cautioned against fraudulent astrologers who exploit fear for financial gain. Rao's message emphasizes discernment in seeking genuine astrological guidance amidst the sea of opportunists. His story epitomizes reverence for tradition, dedication to learning, and unwavering integrity within the realm of astrology.

3. Sanjay B. Jumaani- Sanay is hailed as India's foremost astrologer, with a clientele comprising prominent figures from various spheres, including business tycoons, celebrities, and politicians. Among his notable clients are the Ambanis, Bachchans, Anil Kumble, and Smriti Irani. He has also consulted for esteemed corporations such as Kotak Mahindra Bank, Haldiram, and Reliance Industries. Notably, Sanay accurately predicted the launch date and name of Reliance's Jio brand. Renowned for his exceptional talent inherited from his father, Sanay enjoys celebrity status among astrology enthusiasts.

4. Swetta Jumani- An acclaimed practitioner of numerology, has garnered attention for her exceptional predictive skills. As a descendant of the renowned astrologers Bansi Lal Jumani and Sanjay B Jumani, she continues the family legacy in the occult sciences. With her innate talent and expertise, Swetta has made significant contributions to the field, earning recognition for her accurate forecasts of the future. Her mastery of numerology has solidified her position as a prominent figure in the industry, carrying forward the esteemed reputation established by her predecessors.

5. Amee Shivram- Amee Shivram, the founder of Amee's Tarot World, boasts international acclaim as a Tarot card reader, Numerologist, Vastu consultant, and motivational speaker. Her journey into the world of Tarot began with a prophetic dream, leading her to leave behind a promising corporate career. With a profound sense of purpose, Amee is dedicated to guiding and healing lives through the mystical realm of Tarot cards. Her unique blend of talents has garnered her recognition as an influential figure in the spiritual community.

6. Rupa-Rupa's reputation as one of India's top Tarot card readers extends far beyond national borders, with a clientele that spans the globe. Beyond simply predicting the future, Rupa empowers her clients to make informed decisions crucial to their life's journey. Her mentorship extends to corporate firms and entrepreneurs, where her insights provide invaluable guidance in navigating the complexities of business and personal growth.

7. Acharya Indu Prakash- A distinguished astrologer renowned for his intuitive prowess in guiding individuals through life's complexities. Utilizing Vedic astrology, he integrates unconventional planetary influences such as Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune to offer precise predictions. Another esteemed figure in the Indian astrological realm is Pandit Ajai Bhambi, boasting over four decades of experience. Known for his profound comprehension of astrological principles, Bhambi is celebrated for his accurate forecasts and expertise in nakshatra meditation. Both Prakash and Bhambi exemplify mastery in their respective domains, serving as trusted mentors to countless seekers, and offering invaluable insights to navigate the intricacies of life with clarity and foresight.

8. Sunita Menon- Sunita Menon stands among the top 10 esteemed astrologers in India for the year 2024, revered for her proficiency in tarot reading, Kundali cards, and healing practices. She is highly sought after by individuals seeking fulfillment and self-awareness in their lives. Menon's dedication to the mystical sciences shines through her mastery of various techniques, evident in her profound expertise in the field. With a fervent passion for astrology, she not only offers guidance but also facilitates healing journeys for her clients. Menon's reputation as a leading astrologer underscores her commitment to empowering others to navigate life's complexities with clarity and purpose.

9. Neera Sareen- Renowned for her multifaceted expertise, Neera Sareen is not only a Tarot card reader but also an Occultist, Holistic Healer, and Wellness Coach. With numerous awards and accolades to her name, Neera's mastery of predictive sciences and healing modalities is widely recognized. Whether it's Tarot Card Readings, Numerology, Angel Therapy, or Crystal Therapy, Neera excels in guiding individuals toward spiritual fulfillment and personal growth.

10. Dr. Sohini Sastri- Dr. Sohini Sastri, hailed as India's foremost Vedic astrologer, holds a steadfast belief in the principle of "karma." According to her, our past actions directly shape our present circumstances, and by making conscious choices in the present, we can avert future challenges. Beyond her expertise in Vedic astrology, Dr. Sastri excels in numerology, palmistry, and Vaastu sastra. Her multifaceted skills make her a sought-after consultant not only for the general public but also for Bollywood celebrities who seek astrological guidance. Dr. Sastri's holistic approach to astrology emphasizes the interconnectedness of various aspects of life and encourages individuals to take responsibility for their actions. With her insightful guidance, she empowers clients to make informed decisions and lead more fulfilling lives aligned with their true purpose.

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