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India's 11 Fastest-Growing Businesses in 2023

Published on Times of India, Dec 28

As the Indian economy rebounds with vigour, several sectors have defied gravity, witnessing explosive growth in 2023. This Times of India listicle spotlights 11 businesses rocketing towards dizzying heights, from tech titans redefining realities to age-old industries embracing innovation. Buckle up to delve into the rising stars propelling India's economic ascent.


Embark on an unparalleled academic adventure at the esteemed Global Research Conference hosted by the Global Economic Forum at the historic University of Oxford in the UK --- elevating an individual's scholarly profile by presenting and publishing their research article, positioning as a distinguished speaker. Immerse in the rich heritage of the world's oldest university while residing on the picturesque campus, and seize the opportunity to explore leading manufacturing companies in the UK, including an interactive meeting with the London Chamber of Commerce. The delegates will receive a prestigious award and extend their intellectual journey to Ireland. They will be privileged to visit the renowned Trinity College and engage with the Indian Embassy in Dublin.

Contact: Dr. Hari Krishna Maram

Chairman - Global Economic Forum


2. InvestX

InvestX, a transformative player in real estate investment, unveils its distinctive approach to redefining investment paradigms for the dynamic digital landscape. Pioneering the charge is InvestX's Unique Selling Proposition (USP), strategically positioned at the confluence of innovation, diversity across real estate segments, and international investment opportunities.

Guided by a seasoned leadership team featuring Kanik Nagpal, CA Samarth Malik, and Ansh Anand, InvestX showcases unparalleled expertise across retail and office spaces, residential homes in Gurgaon, and sought-after holiday and investment homes in Dubai and Bali -- enabling investors to personalise their strategies.

InvestX is opening doors to lucrative international investment opportunities. Investors gain access to high rental yields of approximately 20% and an annualised capital growth potential of around 15% in coveted locations such as Dubai and Bali.

3. Delius Pharmaceuticals Private Limited

Delius Pharmaceuticals, a leading Indian pharmaceutical company, is committed to making a meaningful difference in people's lives through quality medicines and ethical practices.

Founded in 2014, Delius has rapidly established itself as a market leader in generic and ethical pharmaceuticals. Their unwavering focus on quality, driven by extensive research and development, ensures that patients receive adequate and affordable medications.

"Healthcare is a basic human right," says Digvijay Kumar, Founder and Managing Director of Delius. "We're not just in the business of making money; we're in the business of making people healthy."

Delius reinvests 22% of its annual turnover into R&D, constantly innovating and setting new trends in the industry. Their commitment to patient-centricity is reflected in their dedication to compliance, GMP guidelines, and advanced technology.

4. Kirshi Technologies & Consulting Private Limited

KIRSHI TECHNOLOGIES & CONSULTING PRIVATE LIMITED Founded in 2013 by Murali Subramaniam, Kirshi Technologies has been a trailblazer in delivering exemplary technology services and solutions to its clients. As a leading app development company, its comprehensive offerings extend across diverse domains, including blockchain solutions, cybersecurity solutions, AI/ML solutions and IoT solutions. Recognising the pivotal role of design, the company further expanded its horizons with the launch of Kavinu Design Agency in December 2022—a startup dedicated to delivering tailored UX/UI design services and impactful digital marketing solutions uniquely crafted to meet the distinctive needs of each brand.

5. DivineTalk Astrology

Divine Talk Astrology, a leading astrology platform, has significantly transformed to enhance user experience and expand its reach. Formerly accessible only through a Java app on Android, the platform is now embracing a data-centric approach, integrating technology into manual processes and implementing algorithms for astrologer filtration. Scheduled for launch in January 2024, the IOS version will utilise Flutter technology, introducing an algorithm for matching compatibility.

The strategic plan outlines a strong growth projection, anticipating a daily recharge surge of over 50% from Q1 to Q2, with a sustained growth trajectory of over 31% and 25% by the end of Q3 and Q4, respectively. Similarly, Divine Revenue is forecasted to escalate by 50% from Q1 to Q2, with continued growth of over 30% and 25% by the conclusion of Q3 and Q4.

6. All Government Jobs

Embarking on the complex journey of exploring government employment opportunities in India may seem overwhelming. All Government Jobs is here to streamline the job search process and open doors to a gratifying career in the public sector.

This user-friendly online platform is an invaluable tool for job seekers, offering comprehensive details about government job openings in over 1600 organisations. Its efficient search tool enables users to swiftly identify relevant positions by applying filters based on location, educational qualifications, and preferred field.

Users can discover the ideal match for their skills and interests by exploring numerous government job opportunities.

7. Hidden Gem

Nestled in the shadow of majestic Dhauladhar peaks, a haven for offbeat souls takes shape - Hidden Gem. Imagine tying the knot in a breathtaking mountain fairyland, where vibrant Tibetan prayers whisper blessings and paragliders paint the sky with love's colours. Ditch the predictable and embrace an adventure!

Here, amidst nature's cathedral, Hidden Gem curates wedding experiences as unique as a love story. Every detail reflects the spirit, from pre-wedding revelry under starry skies to exchanging vows with only the mountains as witnesses. Forget cookie-cutter ceremonies - let passionate experts weave a tapestry of love that echoes the song.

In line with Prime Minister Modi's "Wed-in-India" initiative, Hidden Gem shines a light on Bir, Himachal Pradesh. This jewel of the Himalayas offers a perfect blend of tradition and excitement.

8. Delper Ecom

Delper Ecom, a Bangalore-based startup, is setting up operations to provide monthly groceries and pre-cooked food in instalments to 270 million employees across India on their doorstep on EMIs.

The company will operate via, where employees can place orders worth Rs.15,000 per month through the HR department and authorise their company to pay ten advance EMIs through salary deduction to Delper Network NBFCs.

Delper Ecom is set to launch by April 2024 and scale up operations in 13 months to reach a daily transaction volume of 10 million from the 14th operative month.

The company plans to launch Fashion, OOH Advertising, and more by 2036 from their internal accruals and FDI.

As a humanitarian Initiative, the company will also provide users with free training and generate 5,64,000 indirect employment in 39 months across India.

9. Wleness

In today's fast-paced world, prioritising holistic well-being is crucial. Wleness, a pioneering digital platform, empowers individuals to achieve just that, offering comprehensive services catering to physical and mental health needs.

Wleness goes beyond conventional gyms and health apps. It blends traditional therapeutic methods with mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation, the calming touch of music therapy, and engaging brain games to address the multifaceted needs of well-being.

Wleness's commitment to innovation is evident in its integration of unique features like music therapy, designed to reduce stress and promote mental well-being.

Success for Wellness is measured in business metrics and its positive impact on every community. Witnessing its users' transformation and enhanced well-being is a source of inspiration and a testament to its dedication to making a difference.

10. Government Jobs

Navigating the vast landscape of government jobs in India can be daunting. is here to simplify job search and unlock the gateway to a fulfilling career in the public sector.

This user-friendly online portal is an invaluable resource for job seekers, providing comprehensive information on government job openings across 1600+ organisations. Its instant search tool lets everyone quickly discover relevant positions using filters for location, educational qualifications, and desired field.

Whether seeking stability in medical or engineering roles, envisioning a career in law or finance, or aspiring to serve as a nurse or pharmacist, caters to diverse career aspirations. Explore many government job opportunities, find the perfect match for their skills and interests, and take the first step towards a secure and rewarding future.

11. Salecha Lifestyle

Looking at the fast modernisation v/s lack of transformation in the Optical Industry, Mr Siddharth Salecha has stepped up as India's 1st Optical Business Coach and started an Initiative called MOGA under Salecha Lifestyle as a parent company.

It is an acronym for "Making Opts Great Again." He has observed the problems of Optical Retailers closely and researched solutions to help the Optical Retail Industry grow as a whole. The company's goal is to support the Retailers in transforming themselves by assisting them in replacing the mindset from traditional to transformational. It facilitates networking opportunities for optical professionals to collaborate and share best practices within the MOGA community.

Salecha Lifestyle|MOGA offers handhold services for four core functions of their business, i.e. Marketing, Sales, Management and Operations, to assist in adopting cutting-edge business strategies and growth.


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